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"Phenomenal family law team."

Phenomenal family law team. I’ve dealt with multiple family law firms in the El Paso County area, and Aviso Law is by far the most effective, efficient, and honest. Cory and Amy jumped into my case at a challenging time after receiving the highest recommendations from their peers. They sprinted into action and have seen me through the entire process since. Through their tremendous efforts, I received favorable outcomes despite significant difficulties in my case—notably, a case outside the county and a client stationed across the continent.

Cory Tuck is an amazingly honest, level-headed, and straight-to-the-point family law attorney. Amy is a talented and organized paralegal. I’m very grateful for their diligent work, excellent communication, and persistent kindness during an overwhelmingly painful part of my life.

Ian G.
      "Highly recommend Aviso"

      I cannot say enough about Ryan Coward and the team at Aviso Law. They provide client-specific, tailored representation. Highly recommend Aviso

      Katherine W.
      "My lawyer is absolutely fantastic and did a great job."

      Thank you again for your hard work and working extra hard to ensure our success. I know it your job, but it's my life and I feel you went above and beyond and I just want to express my appreciation. My lawyer is absolutely fantastic and did a great job. I highly recommend him and his staff. Thank you again.

      Blaire E.
      "I worked with Cory and Amy and they did an excellent job on my case."

      I worked with Cory and Amy and they did an excellent job on my case. I would highly recommend them to anyone look for someone who deals with child custody and child support. The girls at the front were very friendly and nonjudgmental- they treat you like real people.

      Timothy P.
      "The staff and attorneys are truly the best."

      Cory Tuck and Aviso Law are fantastic. If you need help with your family law matter look no further than Aviso Law. The staff and attorneys are truly the best.

      Gretchen C.
      "Thank you guys for all that you do"

      I was working with another attorney in town before I found this firm. I had a horrible experience where I came from. I was switched through three different lawyers and the paralegal would forget to respond to my emails or return my calls. Elizabeth and Kyle were not only patient and professional but kind throughout the entire rest of my divorce process. A total opposite of where I came from.. My ex even called and gave the front desk hard time and they managed to keep everything calm and neutral. Everyone was nice and worked with me on a retainer while I was waiting for my refund from the other law firm. Thank you guys for all that you do - will definitely refer to anyone I know in need of services.

      Kimberly V.
      "Aviso Law firm , is extremely professional, courteous, knowledgeable, and caring ."

      Aviso Law firm , is extremely professional, courteous, knowledgeable, and caring .They addressed all of my concerns . When I was in a " fog" ,not knowing where to turn for legal assistance, lost in what felt like an endless search for a trustworthy lawfirm, I got very fortunate coming across Aviso ..Look no further .

      True G.
      "Communication was great!"

      This review is long overdue. I reached out to Aviso Law for a custody case. And I can not rave enough on how amazing Elizabeth and Kyle were. Communication was great, Elizabeth took so much weight and stress off my shoulders, and handled everything with out skipping a beat. I just loved Kyle from the very beginning, she was amazing, and quick to respond to any questions or concerns I had. Thank you so so so much! I will forever recommend this firm.

      Lisa Alsop
      "Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness"

      I went through a long and painful divorce; and after having an altercation with my now ex-husband I decided that I needed legal representation. I came to Elizabeth via referral from a friend that worked with her before and which whom she highly recommended. In my initial consultation Elizabeth listened to me patiently and wrote down all my needs and what I wanted to accomplish in my divorce. During the time frame that I worked with her and Kyle they did an amazing job. They were very professional and thoughtful; they replied to my all emails (a lot of them since I have a lot of questions) in timely matter, provided legal guidance when I needed it and submitted all documents promptly to court. During my hearing Elizabeth was amazing and tenacious. She tackled that hearing with such tenacity and did not let my now ex-husband to get away with the lies he was telling the court; and when the court decision came I was very happy with the results.
      After the court orders came my ex-husband decided to back up for what the court had stipulated putting me in a really bad situation with the property that we bought during our marriage. When I contacted Elizabeth to notify what my ex did, she promptly submitted new documentation to court and help me to obtain full ownership of the house. She and her team stayed with me until the very end making sure that all documents were approved by court and that I was properly represented, which I am extremely grateful for that.

      Aviso Law has AN AMAZING team and I fully recommend them to anyone that needs legal representation. Thank you to Aviso Law, Elizabeth, and Kyle for doing an amazing job with my Divorce case and for making this whole painful and stressful process a bearable one!

      Jennifer R.
      "I chose Cory as my lawyer and from that day on he listened to all of my concerns and I felt as though he genuinely cared."

      I originally called Cory for help in a court case regarding parenting times. He was upfront with me from the start and told me his thoughts on my case as well as his perceived outcome. I chose Cory as my lawyer and from that day on he listened to all of my concerns and I felt as though he genuinely cared. After processing all of the complexities and details of my situation, Cory was able to unfold a realistic and logical plan in the days leading up to trial. His strategic approach helped me organize and prioritize my thoughts so I could go through this emotional experience with a clear sense of direction. During trial his knowledge of the law proved to be a winning factor as well as his understanding of the case. I recommend Cory as a lawyer. He is exactly the type of person you want on your team when you’re faced with this kind of conflict. I’ve dealt with lawyers for over a decade now and I can honestly say Cory is one of the best. I am very fortunate that he was willing to help me through this difficult time.

      Carlee A.
      "Cory Tuck is fantastic."

      Cory Tuck is fantastic. He is straight forward and honest with expectations and he excels in the court room. Communication was great. I have worked with him for my custody case and worked with helping someone else with theirs as well. Nobody ever wants to be in the situation where you need a lawyer, but if you do, Cory is the best I've seen. I had one of the highest rated (most expensive) law offices when I first got divorced and it wasn't even complicated enough to go to court, but still cost me nearly 10 grand because they would nickel and dime me for absolutely everything. Don't waste your time or money elsewhere, just go see Cory.

      "Mr. Tuck is great attorney."

      Mr. Tuck is great attorney. He is honest, upfront and strategic. Overall I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs legal advice.

      Jared S.
      "I was lucky to have the both of you on my side!"

      Cory was great and I just wanted to thank him for being by my side this last 6 months or so. I appreciate what you do & how you do it. I also want to thank Amy for holding my hand through this process. I was lucky to have the both of you on my side!

      Jim D.
      "Cory Tuck and the staff at Aviso Law, LLC go above and beyond to achieve results in any divorce/family law case."

      Cory Tuck and the staff at Aviso Law, LLC go above and beyond to achieve results in any divorce/family law case. Cory's extensive knowledge of his field of study, character, professionalism, and eagerness to succeed is above reproach. His staff are courteous, highly motivated, and always available. Divorce sucks...let Aviso Law help you get through the difficulty and uncertainty.

      Chad Z.
      "One of the best in Colorado Springs."

      Cory and Rheanna I can't even begin ot thank you and your team for all the hard work you all have done for me. Going through one of the most difficult time in my life. I know I had made the right choice in having you represent me. I believe you and your team are by far one of the best in Colorado Springs.

      Brian A.